“Creating added profit for the commercial Cattlemen”

Our Guarantee

2 Bar C Ranch


  • 2 Bar C focuses on producing bulls with the needs of the commercial cattleman in mind.
  • We start by selecting from the top 5% of our females each year, as well as, adding donor prospects that meet our standards to achieve exceptional EPD performance traits. This process allows us to massively reproduce cutting-edge genetically superior breeding stock.
  • We critically evaluate and match our breeding selections with the top 5%, or better, of proven sires to ensure that our bulls will perform in every aspect to satisfy your breeding needs.
  • During the selection process we also consider the fact that many of our future females, which will be used as replacements, will achieve high maternal traits, thus enabling each next generation to demonstrate improved genetic performance.
  • “Developing females with EPD traits for the Purebred Angus seed stock producer”


  • 2 Bar C guarantees that all breeding cattle are fertile to the best of our knowledge.
  • If a bull is injured or rendered functionally infertile at any time in the 12 months following the purchase date, we will provide a replacement or issue a credit equal to the bull’s purchase price less the salvage value.
  • If a female proves to be a non-breeder at any time in the 12 months following the purchase date, we will offer the buyer the difference between her purchase and the salvage value as a credit in a future 2 Bar C production or Private Treaty sale.


“I have worked as a veterinarian for 2 Bar C for the past 7 years.  I have been impressed as their operation has continued to improve and grow during this time period.

The animals are handled in the right way on foot, ATVs, and horseback.  Animals that aren't docile are culled.  Their working facility is top notch.

All cattle at 2 Bar C are taken care of properly from the time of birth. Good vaccine protocols are in place, as well as great nutrition and mineral programs.

I highly recommend 2 Bar C to anyone looking for Angus cattle.”

Garrett Montgomery, DVM


  • At birth each calf has blood drawn and sent to the American Angus Association for DNA parentage and any other required testing. Additional blood testing is done within the first year to determine any other situations that would render the animal inferior for breeding purposes. Each animal receives a breeding soundness examination and bulls are fertility tested.


  • All calves are weighed at birth to ensure accurate birth weights. At weaning all calves are weighed again and all measurements are taken. During the yearling measurement period all animals are weighed, measured and ultrasound data is gathered. The data on each animal is transmitted to the American Angus Association to allow for EPD data to be updated. These protocols ensure that the most accurate data on each animal is recorded and provided at purchase.


  • Our breeding program has focused on developing calving ease genetics with tremendous acceleration in weight gain at weaning and achieving top performance in the feedlot. In 2016 we began putting about 50% of our bulls on a GrowSafe program to collect individual performance data. In 2018 we began putting 100% of our bulls into the program.
  • What is GrowSafe and why is that important for us and you? The GrowSafe program gives us specific individual data on each animal by measuring their daily intake and weight gain. The data gathered allows us and prospective buyers to select more efficient genetic performance. Better feed efficiency puts more dollars in your pocket. While this collection of data adds cost to the developmental process, the true actual date on each animal will allow us and our customers to predict feedlot performance in their calves. This hard data helps to maximize your profitability.


  • 2 BAR C gives repeat customers a 5% discount on all purchase made either in a production sale or Private Treaty sale, if you have purchased another animal during the preceding 12 months.
  • The 5% discount is determined after all other credits have been subtracted from the sale price. If a buyer has not purchased an animal in our prior production sale or Private Treaty sale during the past 12 months, he or she can become eligible for a repeat-buyer discount by making a purchase.

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